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Amboseli Women's Group.

HFAW Supports Maasai Women of Amboseli
(MAFUTO Group)
In its outreach activities FAW has partnered with MAFUTO located in the Olgulului-Olorarashi Group Range in Amboseli area to empower the group’s women and men to not only improve their standard of living but impact on the environment and ultimately safe our fragile wildlife. The mission of MAFUTO is to empower the community to participate in economic development by mobilizing the resources available for advancement of their socio economic living standards. Mafuto was started in 2010 and have been engaged in making beads for sale. In addition, they have been collecting funds into a kitty to assist children in the community who aspire for higher education but are unable to do so due to financial difficulties.

Olgulului/Ororarashi region where our Amoseli project is located  is occupied by poor Maasai communities with greatest impact of poverty on women. In recent times there has been increased human wildlife-conflict . The area surrounding Olgulului/Ororarashi has particularly been impacted on thus increasing vulnerability for both communities and endangering the wildlife. There is especially scarcity of water surrounding the park particularly in Olgulului/Ororarashi Group Range during the dry season. This means that communities who live here and depend on their livestock must struggle to sustain their livelihood even if it means using destructive activities such as abstraction of water for livestock and irrigation. The outcome of this struggle has been dire for both the animals and communities. Wild animals such as elephants are moving outside the parks causing havoc to the communities but also become immediately in danger of being killed. The impact on these animals is quite drastic and serious attention is needed. It is obvious that this environment is unsustainable for humans as well with the greatest impact on women as they are oppressed both socially and economically through the dynamics of cultural and traditional manipulations. To address this problem there is critical need to mitigate human –wildlife conflict
HFAW has worked with International Fund for Animal Wefare (IFAW) (http://www.ifaw.org/united-states/about-us/elephants/james-isiche) to supply tailoring machines to the Maasai women as well as support tailoring skill training in order to provide self-employment. HFAW has used this opportunity to provide workshops raising awareness on human rights, eradication of FGM and gender based violence. IFAW has been able to raise awareness of importance of wildlife safety.

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